Welcome to The Ward Union Hunt Website

As Chairman, and on behalf of the Masters and Committee of Management I would like to welcome everyone to our new website. We hope you find it both helpful and informative.

While it is always important to thank and recognise the input of the many members and supporters who help the Club in its day to day running, a special and particular thank you must go to our farmers and landowners without whom we simply wouldn’t be able to function. Their support and co-operation in all aspects of the Club is greatly appreciated, and their role in supporting the Club on a hunting day is priceless.

Ward Union 048 - web

The Committee have recently re-invigorated the website and I look forward to seeing the evolving plan for it which will only benefit the Club in time, especially in this technological age that we are living in.

Finally, to all the Club members who give their time and energy in helping to run the Club events and fundraisers, here’s to you and thank you for input. I know everyone will enjoy the new website.

May we wish everyone a happy and safe hunting season.

Ronan Griffin, Chairman.