Ward Union Hunt Deer Herd

Ward Union Hunt Deer Herd

Native Deer Conservation

The Ward Union Hunt Club holds a record second to none in the conservation and protection of their valuable herd of pure bred native Irish Red Deer. For generations the wildlife management of the herd by deer experts within the locality, all under constant veterinary direction, has enabled the Ward Union Hunt to preserve the native breed to a high standard of excellence.

The Ward Union Deer herd remains a valuable ecological treasure in the preservation of Irish Red Deer – it is a national asset. A carefully monitored breeding programme, which involves bringing in some of the stronger deer together with detailed and specific herd management, has made a unique contribution to this important aspect of Irish Wildlife. Conservationists acknowledge our achievement; in fact, there is a view that perhaps the Club should receive funding from the National Wildlife Parks, as this is part of preserving and guaranteeing our heritage.

Our premises have frequent inspections by Department of Agriculture veterinarians and we continue to work with them to ensure the deer’s health and well being are maintained.

The wildlife management of the herd by deer experts within the Ward Union Hunt is second to none.

It is the clear intention of the Management Committee of the Ward Union Hunt Club to work within the current legislation (WILDLIFE (AMENDMENT) ACT 2010) in a law abiding manner.

Ward Union Hunt Deer Herd


There are also approximately 130 deer made up of Stags, Hinds and Calves.  However this number increases every September /October as the number of outliers or deer that have not been captured are brought back in.

This is due to the movement of the deer when the harvest is taking place and prior to and during the rutting season.  Also a number of our own deer instinctively return to Greenpark at this time.  The majority of the returning and captured deer would be stags.

Mating Season is mid-October to the first week of November and the hinds give birth at the end of May each year.

In the Kennels at the moment, there are:

  • Stags
  • Breeding Hinds
  • Yearling Stags