Our Knackery Service

Knackery & Services to the Farming Community

Also situated at Greenpark is the hunt’s knackery facility. The Ward Union Hunt provides an essential service to local farmers by offering a subsidised collection facility for fallen stock. We have two specially equipped vehicles licensed by the Department of Agriculture, to provide collections from farmers on a daily basis. The Club is constantly updating / upgrading as facilities in line with advice from the Department of Agriculture.

The Department of Agriculture, who is the licensing authority, requires us to keep precise up to date records of all animals that are brought to our premises, and our computerised recording system is inspected on a regular basis.

Veterinary Inspectors from the Department of Agriculture call to the knackery at the end of every second day to examine and take samples from animals. Laboratory testing is then carried out on these samples. This testing is essential to ensure prevention and early detection of bovine diseases (e.g. BSE ) and the like. The club has built up a tremendous relationship with the Department over the past number of years and we are annually audited in respect of our facilities.

We process approx 4,500 cattle per annum, in addition to a large number of sheep. To do this satisfactorily we are required to have a facility which operates to the highest hygiene and environmental standards, and in accordance with the most stringent regulations laid down by our licensing authority. Veterinary inspectors visit out premises regularly to ensure that all elements of our knackery operation are up to the required standard.

The collection service which we offer to farmers is vital to their business. We have built up a huge database of fallen stock. Our up to date database of the animal’s passport, not only assists the farmer but also assists the Department in monitoring the movement of cattle. Our prompt response to the collection and the subsequent book keeping queries raised by farmers is greatly appreciated.

In addition to cattle and sheep the hunt takes in other dead animals. This could be anything from horses, donkeys and goats etc. The club has a very good relationship with the Gardai to assist in the clean up in the event of an accident involving an animal or the like. The club have also assisted the authorities in the collection of loose animals in the past.