Ward Union Hunt Hounds & Horses

Ward Union Hunt Hounds and Horses


In the Kennels at Greenpark there are 52 hounds (26 couple).

The kennels have modern lodges and straw beds, as well as up to date wash down facilities. During the summer, the hounds spend their days relaxing in the open runs, and are returned to their straw beds at night.

From mid-summer until September the hounds are exercised every morning. The Huntsman and Whips use bicycles at this time. The bicycles are replaced by hunt horses as the season approaches, and this continues during the hunting season.

It is the clear intention of the Management Committee of the Ward Union Hunt Club to work within the current legislation (WILDLIFE (AMENDMENT) ACT 2010) in a law abiding manner.


Hunting Horses

There are 4 hunting horses which the Hunting staff have use of for the hunt season. They are kept at the Kennels and exercised daily during the Hunting season. The horses are a crucial cog in the wheel of Hunt and often spend many years at Greenpark.